Self Improvement Stretch – Lower body Demo

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Self Improvement Stretch – Lower body Demo

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Would you like your next workout to be your best workout? And every workout from then on?

Answer Yes and know that you are 100% in control of how you prepare and recover–no matter what you're working out or who you're training with.

Instead of having your trillions of cells asleep at the wheel, help them really go to work for you every single day, in every single workout.

My NEW FULL BODY STRETCHING PROGRAM is here to show you how.

StretchExpert is a global company whose vision is to dramatically evolve the standard of sports stretching worldwide.

We are creative sports stretching specialists dedicated to providing simple solutions for improving your safety, longevity and power.

The routines we teach are beginner level easy and get you expert level results. You can learn them in our live workshops, through our livestreaming online classes, or from one of our certified StretchNinjas™.

The StretchExpert method is based on the groundbreaking work of Active Isolated Stretching creator Aaron Mattes, "kinesiotherapist of kings". Our sleek routines are flowing, active, strategically sequenced sets of precision movements that lengthen the major muscles of the entire body for less than two seconds at a time. This is such a vast improvement over the traditional approach to stretching that we refer to our initiates as 'Stretch Ninjas' who have left behind the world of 'Stretch Zombies' for a new phase of their evolution.

We equip our athletes with a new skill that provides an easy answer for an often complicated question: how to keep the body comfortable, youthful and ready to do life

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