Quickpic: A Great Song Between Worlds

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Quickpic: A Great Song Between Worlds


DISL Automatic released a fantastic song which is a true masterpiece to me, so please enjoy.






Sometimes I feel like I’m between worlds
like I’m living in a dream world
I can’t tell, is this real or is this fake
am I asleep or am I awake
what is the difference
what is the meaning of my existence
what does it take to find happiness
they say love is real, sometimes I feel like that’s a myth
don’t understand this, life is madness,what comes after this
I don’t know
where did I come from, where do I go
when I die will I be reborn in a different form and save my soul


Verse 1


I used to think that I knew it all
I used to think that I was fly, now all I do is fall
all I do is crawl, I’m dealing with my inner child
it’s been a while
since you been around and since I seen a smile
upon your gorgeous face
and felt your warm embrace
no matter where I go, if you’re not there it’s a cold and lonely place
maybe I’m born to make mistakes
maybe my heart is meant to break
maybe my art is the only thing in this whole world that won’t forsake me
I must admit, I’m just a bit disenchanted
feel like I’m stuck and I’m stranded
up on the wrong damn planet
up in the wrong place and time
with the wrong state of mind
life is something I can’t define but still I feel like I’m wasting mine
maybe I’m trying too hard
maybe I’m not trying hard enough
maybe I’m blinded by my love
maybe I’m expecting too much
all I know is I don’t know anything except confusion
is this reality or illusion


Verse 2


Even if I’m reborn I’ll never be torn from you
connected by love and love is eternal and loving you’s what I was born to do
I dedicate this song to you
this is my purpose
spittin’ these verses
fighting for something that’s bigger than I
I’ll never comply
I live to defy the odds, I’m not just living to die
but willing to die for what I love
family goes deeper than blood
all my people fighting for freedom, #GetBIGfam yall know what’s up
life is what we make it
we make mistakes but learn from em then turn em into greatness
that’s the basis of the fam, it’s the foundation of the movement
having courage to face our fears and the will to make improvements
and the strength to persevere no matter where the path may take you
and the confidence to know that there is nothing that can break you
confidence is gained by overcoming tribulations
facing challenges with bravery, unwavering faith and patience
change is constant, creation’s a process we cannot escape
the key is choosing what we thing and feel to consciously create

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