Rock solid self esteem and self confidence in a few simple steps

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Rock solid self esteem and self confidence in a few simple steps


What is self esteem and self confidence, you ask? In a nutshell, it is the personal belief that we hold in ourselves that allows us to to attempt and achieve new and exciting things, enabling us to face them head on armed with the knowledge that we can succeed. Those with higher levels of self esteem and self confidence generally have a tendency to succeed at the tasks and goals that they undertake, due in part to the fact that they hold both a strong belief in themselves and in their ability to face and overcome any challenges that they may encounter.


Where does confidence come from?


Success breeds confidence, but without self esteem and confidence success can rarely ever become a reality. We generally underestimate the power of self support and encouragement, and overlook the positive benefits that merely believing in ourselves and our abilities can bring about. Ultimately, something as simple as telling ourselves that “we can”, as opposed to fearing the outcome or losing ourselves in the pros and cons can be the difference between success and failure.

So, without any further ado, I present to you 3 simple steps that you can use to increase the levels of both your self esteem and self confidence, and significantly improve the quality of your life. These 3 steps have helped both myself and many others achieve elevated levels of self esteem and self confidence, and have enabled us significantly improve the quality of our lives.


3 Tips you can easily implement into your daily routine


Tip 1 – Write down a list of things that you enjoy, or are happy with, about yourself.

Anything will do, such as the colour of your eyes or the fact that you know something that not many people do. Essentially any positive thing will do, as long as it highlights something special about you. By focusing on only the positives of yourself, you create a positive mindset which in turn can be used to harbour elevated levels of self esteem and self confidence. Envision yourself as someone unique and special, even if you do not actually believe it wholeheartedly. Put the list somewhere visible, and in times of doubt and simply give the list a quick glance to remind yourself of the special qualities that only you possess.

Tip 2 – If there is something that you are not happy with about yourself, work to change it today.

Only from action can we see result, and by making a change now you will see the results of your labour much faster and fervently as opposed to putting off that gym membership for another week, or delaying your haircut until you have a few more dollars in the bank.

Justify the expense or the hard work by setting small, achievable goals, such as shedding a pound or two every week and taking pride in the fact that you have successfully achieved them. Remember, the key here is to set small, realistic goals that you know are more than possible to achieve, and set out to achieve them.

Tip 3 – Lastly, erase all doubt from your mind.

As opposed to thinking of the negative things that could possibly happen or the problems that may arise from doing something, simply do it. If you do not manage to succeed then you have gained valuable experience, and if indeed you do succeed then you have achieved something that you can be proud of. The only true failure in life is letting your fear and self doubt control you, preventing you from making any discernible action at all.


What else?


For as long as there have been people, there have been those who wonder how to build self confidence. When people interact with each other, it is valuable for each person to feel self-assured.

This discussion will cover a variety of methods that a person can employ to improve their confidence. The discussion will look at specific measures in hopes of helping those deficient in this area.

Success: Being confident at something you enjoy can increase your overall feeling of competence.

Maintenance: Taking care of yourself is one way to feel good about who you are. This includes good hygiene, grooming, and an up to date fashion sense.

Seeking out positive acquaintances: Friends who are complimentary are certainly preferable to those who offer subject you to excess criticism.

Eating and drinking healthy: If you want to feel your best, you should put the best things into your body. This means avoiding alcohol and sugar. This also means that fruits and vegetables are a must. This type of lifestyle can also help you look your best in the long run.


But wait, there is more to it


Physical fitness: Improving your body through exercise can certainly improve the way you feel about yourself. Exercise can also purge built-up stress and improve your mood.

Attitude: Making yourself into a positive person can be a difficult task. You can start simply by smiling as often as possible. If people see you smiling, they will often times treat you with kindness. This, in combination with becoming a more relaxed person will help your overall attitude.

Clearly there are many different approaches that one can take to improving self-confidence. Being positive, and conscious of healthy living are paramount to this task. It is my hope that the aforementioned suggestions will assist those people hoping to improve their self-image and their way of life.

Are you struggling with low self esteem and would like to become more self confident? I suffered with this for some time and tried many different ways to get back my personal poise. From my own experience I have listed below my personal tips on the best ways to improve your self esteem.


Even more ways to improve your confidence


1. Love and belief in yourself

You are a unique individual and have to recognise that you possess positive traits and abilities and are inferior to nobody. Stop comparing yourself with other people and thinking that they are better than you. This is especially so when it comes to material possessions and other peoples “perceived” wealth. A lot of this stems from the media obsession of so called celebrities and trying to aspire to their lifestyle. In order to improve your self esteem you have to love who you are and acknowledge that your personal qualities make a worthwhile contribution to the world. Realise as well that other people who in your eyes seem better off have problems too despite the image they portray to you.

2. Make other people feel important

What has this got to do with how to improve your self esteem you may ask? This point is very important and works most of the time as long as you come across as genuine – which you must be. If you treat every person you meet as being important they will very likely reciprocate your behaviour and make you feel likewise. When you are treated with genuine warmth and friendship this will improve your self esteem tenfold and you will start to feel good about yourself. Greet them with a warm handshake, listen attentively to what they have to say and respond with positive body language such as direct eye contact and a nodding of the head. Don’t interrupt when they’re speaking and show you care about their concerns. Remember their name and greet them with it. Try it- it works!

3. Stop feeling negative

This will take some practise but if you really want to improve your self esteem, overcoming a negative outlook on life is critical to your success. It is true that how you think about yourself is how you are (there are many books on this subject) and in order to change and improve self esteem you must learn to adopt a more positive attitude. The minute you start to feel negative about something – stop and replace the thought with a positive one. Think about a situation that made you laugh or an achievment that made you feel proud of yourself. Start to think more positive and circumstances around you will become more positive and this in turn will improve your self esteem

4. Do activities you love doing

When you are engaged in activities that make you feel good then this really is one of the top ways of how to improve your self esteem. Doing something you love doing gives a more focussed and positive outlook on life and the enjoyment you get from these activities, whether reading a book or listening to music for example, will give you that feeling of contentment. Yes, you really can boost your self esteem by indulging yourself so make time to do the things you love.

5. Exercise

Exercise has been medically proven to help eliminate stress and depression. These symptoms can frequently manifest when we suffer from low self esteem so it is a good idea to get into an exercise routine. However it is important that you don’t look upon this as a chore or it will have a negative effect. The key is to do exercises that you enjoy doing whether it’s a walk in the park or a rigourous session down at the gym. Cycling or swimming are also favorites for a lot of people. Also the duration of this exercise does not need to be long- 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient If your low self esteem is caused by poor body image then this will dramatically improve your well being as you will in time see a slimmer fitter you.


But why can you tend to feel a lack of self esteem?


Being in a situation where you’ve got low self esteem and confidence is primarily led to by having a low outlook of ones own self importance. So it follows that by building up your own self value you will also increase your self confidence and self esteem. This presumably sounds vain and even arrogant. But, truly, it is not. It merely implies that it’s a must to develop your view of yourself. But please don’t look solely at your bad factors and dwell on them; merely accept them and change them wherever possible.

Having your personal self esteem at levels considered normal to excessive can have a optimistic affect on many areas of your life. Your well being, relationships, career and social life will all be impacted positively. There are some people who extremely worth their profession however not their social affairs. Often, other people will really feel more secure and confident when they are round different assured people. And who you affiliate with can have a very excessive impact on your own self confidence. So attempt to keep away from hanging about with folks with you need to confidence, or better still work with them to improve their own self value.


The key to a rock solid self esteem is to be aware of your value


But your self value won’t enhance on it’s own; it’s one thing you will have to work for. Your self value might be improved utilizing quite a few exercises. In order to get through the problems which life can throw at you, you’ll require robust self value and esteem. Lack of these will render you less effective and easily beat by everyday problems. You will find that issues occur much less ceaselessly when you could have self confidence. Not only that, but once they do happen you’ll be far better outfitted to cope with them and transfer on together with your life reasonably than dwelling on them and getting into a state of self-pity.

Building both self worth and confidence is necessary especially in the event you already feel any of the following: Shy and uneasy, Lack of path, You fail in everything you do, Inferiority complicated, Feeling of hopelessness or unimportance, Resentful about profession, social life and relationships.

You might not even realize now how a lot your life is being adversely affected by having and self esteem. self esteem and esteem. However when you do possess these qualities your life will enhance and it is possible for you to to see clearly what was occurring before. For instance, you could join a bunch or membership of interest which you may have beforehand avoided. I personally discovered the saxophone and joined a band once my self worth had improved. It’s one thing I had wished to do for a few years however simply didn’t have enough self confidence. Without self esteem you’ll find it very troublesome to success in life. Success begins with being constructive enough to imagine you possibly can succeed and a lack of confidence will take away such a belief. Possessing self esteem enriches your life and means that you can enjoy life far more than before. As such it is a very helpful objective value striving for. Building self esteem and confidence is therefore considered as one of the challenges of life that we have to cope with. So many facets of your life shall be improved that it could be silly not to work on this.


A few more tips for you


So, if constructing self worth and confidence is now a objective of yours, there are a number of methods on how you can be able to do this with out difficulty. Following are some easy but highly effective strategies to be used:

1. Try to learn things which most people cannot do, comparable to a musical instrument, a hobby of personal curiosity or a profession skill. You wouldn’t have to turn into an knowledgeable but having elevated skills will enhance your perception of self worth.

2. Think huge and plan big. Massive plans can really make somebody feel very particular since our thoughts tells us that these large plans might lead to larger accomplishments and naturally, success.

3. Go out of your comfort zone. Constructing self esteem and confidence is commonly not achieved as a result of we are afraid to rise above our comfort zone.


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